VIKING 330 - aluminum fishing boat with a double and sealed completely flat floor, made entirely of aluminum is also resistant to salt water corrosion.

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Viking 330 - aluminum fishing boat with a double and sealed completely flat floor, made entirely of aluminum is also resistant to salt water corrosion. It is the smallest located in our offer units designed for anglers. It is true that this is the boat can accommodate up to 4-person cast, but comfortable fishing is on comfort and safety, so in our opinion, this boat is absolutely the best choice for anglers loners or spearfishing with a friend. Even with the engine 9 hp boat is moving quickly comfortably and water resistance acting on the hull are very small which makes the fuel consumption is also low. It is not without significance for each user. Draught 14 cm is an asset which can envy many a boat with composites or laminates.

High and safe side, very wide and flat deck and the possibility of additional equipment is undeniable advantage of this unit.

Boat is produced in four standard versions of the equipment:
- VIKING 330
- VIKING 330 A
- VIKING 330 B
- VIKING 330 Sports

Basic specifications boat Viking 330:
- The length of the fuselage - 330 cm;
- Waterline length - 283 cm;
- The total width of the hull - 168 cm;
- The width of the hull without fenders - 160 cm;
- Width of KLW - 143 cm;
- Dipping into the water line - 14 cm;
- Displacement to the water line - 316 kg;
- The amount of side max. (In the version with canopy) - 84 cm;
- The depth of the cockpit (floor to deck) - 51 - 55 cm;
- The depth of the cockpit (floor-to-rail) - 58 - 64 cm;
- The thickness of the aluminum sheet (type - PA-13) - 3 mm;
- Space buoyancy chambers - 501 dm3 (with the 340 dm3 under the floor and 161 dm 3 at the bow);
- Double sealed deck - (Safety Cabinet);
- Completely flat floor;
- Automatic water flow from the deck;
- Assumed mass of raw aluminum hull (sheet + profiles) without an engine - ca '135 kg;
- Density - up to 4 people (2 comfortably and fishing);
- Design category D;

To drive the boat, we recommend Outboard Outboard motor - column L (508 mm) with a capacity of max. up to 15 hp.

Equipment basic version Viking 330:
- Rails;
- Bench middle;
- Rod holders;
- Cleats;
- Paddles;
- Oarlocks;
- Roll bow;
- Roll stern;

VIKING 330 A - in this version of the middle bench seat was replaced by a rotary.
VIKING 330 B - in accessories include a swivel seat and two-piece with folding frame kaport.
VIKING 330 Sport - control panel fitted with a steering wheel and seat for the helmsman.

Of course, like any boat manufactured by us can be fitted additionally in accordance with the wishes of the client. As always, the only condition is that it did not affect the safety of users and does not infringe boat design.

Examples of some of the opportunities offered additional retrofitting a boat of this series: console in addition to the fairing, an additional swivel chair, lockers at the stern, bow, long locker pole alongside, night lighting, compass, depth gauge, probe, upholstered seat and so on.

We are able to meet almost any customer request if it does not affect the safety and design, ensuring high quality, durability, precision and aesthetic finish.