The company "Aspius Pro Fishing Outdoor" Sp. o.o is an official marketer of aluminum boats Viking, official distributor in Poland and official distributor in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia.
Viking boat price that we offer to our target customers are the same as factory prices in the pricelist manufacturer.
We sell boats only after the producer price. In contrast, each of our customer is also a possibility to negotiate factory price!
We are very flexible in adapting to the needs of marine equipment customers. We are able to meet almost any customer request, provided that it will not have a negative impact on the design of the boat and safety of its future users. We guarantee customers high quality, durability, precision and aesthetic aspect of our boat.
Each boat can be equipped with any navigation equipment and other indicated by the buyer.

Digital symbol is an element name of the boat (330, 390, 460, 550, 680, 700 etc.) corresponds to the length of the hull.
All types of boats produced by us have been tested and have received appropriate certificates of Use.
Our products are of course covered by the guarantee in accordance with applicable regulations.

Current prices of boats serve only to individual requests. We rely on the price list of basic version of the boat. The final price of the boat is primarily determined by its final configuration.

Welcome to purchase aluminum boats Viking!
A few words about Viking boats.
"VIKING" is a Polish company specializing in designing and building boats. The founder and owner of Ryszard Gryszpiński.
Many years of experience and familiarity employees of boats by sea and inland is important for understanding the needs of the users of the boat for designing and building boats in such a way that their future users to ensure the safety and comfort are consistent with their expectations. All our boats are made entirely of aluminum type PA - 13 is resistant to salt water corrosion. On the whole they are TIG welded constructions and MIG welds double, ie. - From the outside and from the inside of the hull, which guarantees the strength of the welds connecting the whole boat design. We do not make units of other materials.

That's what we do, is not only our work, but also our passion. It motivates us to constant search for the best solutions in the industry.

Construction of any watercraft manufacturer obliges them to maintain the highest standards of quality, prudence and responsibility for the safety of future users.

The construction of aluminum boats is a particular challenge. Welding aluminum is a lot harder than steel welding and requires a particularly high professional qualifications and commits to continuous improvement of professional skills and deepen their knowledge. Aluminum welding technology requires a completely different hardware and tools than those used for steel materials. Welding equipment producing companies have the technological solutions which a man who is not privy to the welding process so difficult material which is aluminum, it's hard to imagine how it all works.

The undeniable advantage is the excellent durability of welds connecting the entire structure of the boat TIG welding and MIG welding. The condition is the use of first-class specialized equipment and welding tools. The production process also requires the use of appropriate tools for cutting and bending sheet aluminum having a thickness of 3, 4, 5 millimeters or more, and other special tools. Most of them are forced to import from abroad.
We make sure that the material used by us to produce the highest quality boats. Aluminum boats from which we produce, import only the finest foreign and Polish steelworks. All of our boats are made of the best types of aluminum alloys and type PA with a hardness of H -13 -111 resistant to corrosion in the most difficult conditions at sea. Corrosion in salt seawater is fast and can quickly ruin even the best steel. Therefore, just to build a solid marine structures are usually used high quality aluminum. The quality of materials and construction technology units can not be overestimated.

We employ only the best professionals selected - welders who not only know perfectly occupation, but they are also passionate about what they produce.